Reporting Suspicious Activity


Dispatch Line






If you see something suspicious, please inform the Ogunquit Police Department at one of the numbers provided above. The 911 system should be reserved for life threatening or immediate emergencies, while the dispatch line can be used to report other instances which may arouse your suspicion or concern. 


When you call, please be prepared to give as detailed of a description as possible. Remember the dispatcher will want to know the who, what, where, when and possibly why regarding the information or incident you are looking to report.


Who: The dispatcher will want to know who is calling, you can ask to remain anonymous, but this will make it harder for our officer to substantiate the authenticity of your report. Also, the dispatchers will want to know who is involved, is it one individual or a group, what clothing are they wearing, are they on foot or in a vehicle, do you recognize the individual(s).


What: The dispatcher will want to know what is occurring. 


When: The dispatcher will want to know if this incident is actively happening, has it already occurred, or do you have potential evidence about incidents that may occur in the future.  


Where: The dispatcher will want to know if you are in Ogunquit, or do they need to transfer you to another jurisdiction’s police department. Where is the general area where the incident is occurring, where are you located.


Why: While this is commonly not known by people observing random incidents, if you have any knowledge as to why a particular incident may be occurring, please let the dispatcher know, as this can be very pertinent to the police understanding an investigation.