Parking Ticket Information



Overnight parking is prohibited in Ogunquit. Overnight parking is defined as the parking of a vehicle on any public way, street, lot, or property between the hours of midnight and 6:00 am.
 The recipient of a parking ticket must pay the indicated fine within 14 days of issuance before the fine is automatically doubled.


There are three ways to pay your parking ticket.

  1. Pay Online, go to
  2. Mail Payments
    1. Do not mail cash
    2. Write the citation number on payment 
    3. The postmark will determine if late fees are due
    4. Make the payment payable to: Ogunquit Police Department
    5. Mail the payment to the Ogunquit Police Department, P.O Box 666, Ogunquit, ME 03907
  3. In Person Payments
    1. Payments accepted are cash/check/money order
    2. Place the payment in an envelope along with your parking ticket.
    3. Go to the Ogunquit Police Department at 20 Cottage St. Ogunquit and place the envelope in the tan slot under the reception window, marked “Parking Tickets.”

 Any parking ticket may be appealed. The appeal must be filed within forty-eight hours of the ticket's issuance. Failure to do so results in the forfeiture of the appeal right/process and the operator is required to pay the assessed fine. The 14-day clock is suspended if an appeal form is submitted. It is the operator’s responsibility for the timeliness of the appeal submission.


There are two ways to appeal your parking ticket. 

  1. Appeal Online, go to
  2. Appeal In Person
    1. Go to the Ogunquit Police Department at 20 Cottage St. Ogunquit and fill out a “Parking Ticket Appeal” form on the wall, near the Police Department entrance, or respond with a previously filled out “Parking Ticket Appeal’ form, which can be found on our Ogunquit Police Department’s website on the main page under “Forms.”
    2. Place this COMPLETED Parking Ticket Appeal form in the tan slot under the reception window, marked “Parking Tickets.”

 You will soon after be notified about the adjudication of your appeal.


Unpaid Citations will double after fourteen days (unless they are actively in the appeal process). After thirty days, failure to pay the assessed fine may result in a summons to appear in court, or your vehicle being towed.