Transfer Station Fees

AsphaltNot Accepted
Asphalt Shingles$0.10 per pound
BricksNot Accepted
Brush (pickup load)$5.00 per pickup load
Bulky Waste$0.08 per pound
Bulky Waste (bag)$2.00 per bag
Car Tires (rubber only)$3.00 each
Carpet (per pound)$0.10 per pound
ConcreteNot Accepted
Construction and Demolition$0.10 per pound
Construction and Demolition (bag)$3.00 per bag
Large Chair or Sofa$10.00 each
Large Metal Items$5.00 each
Large Wood Furniture$8.00 each
Lumber or Clean Wood$0.08 per pound
Mattresses or Box Springs$10.00 each
PC Tower $3.00 each
Propane TanksNot Accepted
Recyclable Metal$0.05 per pound
Rugs (per square foot)$0.10 per square foot
Sinks$3.00 each
Small Metal Items$3.00 each
Small Wood Furniture$3.00 each
Truck Tires (rubber only)$8.00 each
Tubs or Showers$10.00 each
TVs and Monitors 13 inches or less$5.00 each
TVs and Monitors over 13 inches$10.00 each
VCR or Stereo$2.00 each
White Goods with Freon$20.00 each
White Goods without Freon$10.00 each
Wood (bag)$3.00 per bag