Salt and Sand Program

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The Ogunquit Police Department is proud to offer the Salt and Sand Program. Each year as the weather gets colder, the Town of Ogunquit offers free salt and sand to its residents. This sand is available for pick up at varying locations throughout the town. If you are an Ogunquit resident who is physically unable to retrieve salt and sand to place on your driveway or other icy surfaces, the Ogunquit Police Department is here to help you. Upon your request and our availability, the Ogunquit Police Department will send one of its officers to drop off a five-gallon bucket of sand to your residence. All we ask is that you contact us to collect the empty bucket once you are done, assuming you do not just need a refill. To get your bucket of salt and sand delivered contact the Ogunquit Police Department on our business line of (207) 646-9362. 

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