together we compost

The Transfer Station was recently awarded a grant to implement a composting program. 

 This program will be open to any full-time resident or part-time property owner!

 For those just beginning, you can get buckets at the Transfer Station and the folks there will show you where to place your organic materials.

 This is your chance to further help make a difference for our environment. 


 pile of compost


Greens: Fruits and vegetable scraps, houseplants, green plant trimmings, weeds that have not gone to seed, coffee grounds & filters or tea bags, bread, pasta, cereal, hair, grass clippings, wilted flowers.

Browns: Dry leaves, hay or straw, wood chips, sawdust (use sparingly), dryer lint, dried grass clippings, shredded cardboard or paper (mix it well or it will mat up).



Meat, fish or dairy products, fats, oils, peanut butter, mayonnaise or salad dressings, dog or cat excrement, wood or charcoal ash, grass clippings from lawns treated with long-lasting herbicides, bones, glass, plastic, metal, and other non-organic materials.





Composting Guidelines

What Do I Need to Make Compost? How Do I Compost? Start My Compost Pile?

The above link provides information on how to get started.