Organic Recycling


The Transfer Station will be working with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to

start a program of organic waste recycling.

This will begin as a pilot program to collect food waste and turn it into high quality compost which will

be available for residents for use in gardens and lawns.

The plan will start small with a group of up to 25-50 households and businesses signing up for the

program. We will supply 5-gallon containers with covers and set up a section of the leaf pile with a

compost bin into which the food waste will be deposited. We will then mix grass, leaves, and manure

into it and turn it over as the material breaks down.

It is important that all NON-ORGANIC MATERIAL such as paper and plastic be kept out of the mix. When

we last tried to do this, we had to stop because of the amount of trash contaminating the pile.

Sign-up for Organic Recycling Here or sign-up at the Transfer Station

We expect to begin the program once we have enough residents signed up. If the pilot program is

successful, DEP grants will be available to expand our organic waste recycling.

NOTE: This project may be done in your backyard and we can supply you with most of what you will

need to get started.

Composting Guidelines

What Do I Need to Make Compost? How Do I Compost? Start My Compost Pile?

The above link provides information on how to get started.