Land Use Office Fees

Type of document Amount
Blasting Permit $150
Building/Use Permit - Residential $14/$1000 of value, $35 minimum
Building/Use Permit - Commercial $18/$1000 of value, $35 minimum
Condominium Document Review Fee $500
Electrical Permit $35 minimum
Excavator License $100
Fence Permit $100
Flood Development Permit $50 Minor (less than 50% of structure's value)
$100 Major (50% of structure's value)
Home Occupancy Permit $50
Plumbing Permit $10/fixture, $40 minimum
Road Opening Permit Based on the type of road cut
Septic  $250
Septic Impact Fee $15 DEP environmental
Sign Permit $100
Well Permit $70
Yard Sale Permit $10
REMINDER: Your permit is only valid upon payment and in the possession of the Applicant. Any work commenced without such a valid permit in hand will be considered to be work done without a permit and fines may be assessed as such.