Ogunquit River Water Shed Steering Committee

Agenda and Minutes

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Member List

Addie Halligan - Maine DEP Grant Coordinator

Anthony Musto - Deputy Public Works Director

Aubrey Strause - Acorn Engineering

Jake Lawlor - Healthy Rivers Ogunquit

Jane Greene - Healthy Rivers Ogunquit

Luke Frankel - FB Environmental 

Mandy Cummings - Assistant Town Manager

Margie Katz - Sustainability Chair

Matt Buttrick - Town Manager 

Meagan Sims - Maine DEP Healthy Beaches

Pan Sawyer - Coastal Resiliency

Phil Pickering - Ogunquit Sewer District

Suzanne Williams - Healthy Rivers Ogunquit 

Tom Torno - Public Works Director 

Tyler McOsker - Code Enforcement 

Ogunquit Water Shed Committee Documents: