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Contact the COVID-19 Task Force

  1. Contacting the COVID-19 Task Force

    In the interest of the public's health and Ogunquit's future, the community needs to prepare for the gradual re-opening of facilities and areas that have been closed or curtailed. The Town needs to have plans in place to take appropriate actions that meet the needs unique to Ogunquit that are not covered by statewide directives. Ogunquit needs a plan for reopening our community that is rational, regional, and gradual so we don't undo the good work we've all accomplished to keep our community safe.

    On April 21, the Select Board voted to establish a Community COVID-19 Task Force. The Task Force is not intended to be a local medical or scientific authority on COVID-19. The purpose of the Task Force is to look specifically at Ogunquit's circumstances and develop a planned course of action to gradually re-open public and private facilities based on the recommendations of the federal and state health experts in compliance with CDC guidelines. The Task Force will make recommendations including to observe and enforce social distancing and CDC recommendations in the Town including the Marginal Way, all beaches, the Village, Main Street, Shore Road, Beach Street and Perkins Cove, lines for take-out, etc., and adopting best practice protocols for restaurants, lodging, and other businesses.

    The 9-member Task Force is comprised of a cross-section of our community including full-time and seasonal property owners and businesses with diverse areas of experience. The members are: 

    • Bob Whitelaw, Chair
    • Pam Sawyer, Vice Chair
    • Rick Barber
    • Kent Bridges
    • Rebecca Fox
    • Charley LaFlamme
    • Terry Ann Lunt
    • Alice Pearce 
    • Bruce (Buzzy) Roy

    You can watch their meetings on the Town's website

    Use this form to contact the Task Force directly. Your question will be delivered directly to all members of the committee.

    Be as specific as possible in your comment or question. The more information that you provide will make it easier for us to understand your concern.

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