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  1. Town Of Ogunquit Tax Club Application

    The Town of Ogunquit is pleased to announce the establishment of a Tax Club. The Tax Club allows property owners to pay their taxes in eight (8) equal payments.

    Applications are valid for only one tax year.


     The Tax Club will be administered on an eight (8) month basis, one payment per month, and due on the 15th of the month commencing in October and ending in May.  Payments will be based on the committed taxes for the current tax year. 

    All Tax Club members must apply for the program each year by September 30th.  A payment schedule will be emailed to you in early October with the first payment due October 15th. 

    Payments must be received, or if paid by mail, postmarked by the 15th  of each month to qualify for the “no interest” benefit.   If payments are not received by the 15th, membership in the Tax Club will automatically terminate and interest will accrue on any unpaid balance after the due date (1st installment October 15th, 2nd  installment April 15th).

    Tax Club is available only for the current year’s property taxes. Participation is limited to tax payers who are current on their tax obligations. 

    Tax payers with a tax escrow through their bank or mortgage company cannot participate.

    Supplemental taxes do not qualify on the Tax Club payment plan. Abatements will not reduce the monthly tax club payment. An adjustment will be made for the final payment in May.

    Any amount once paid cannot be withdrawn.


  2. The follwoing information may be found on your tax bill:
  3. I have read the above and do hereby agree to join the Ogunquit Tax Club.
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